Wednesday 28 May 2014

Class notes: footwork, boxing hands and counters

Solo footwork drilling to warm up:

- Forwards
- circling back (always ready to throw and not just retreating)
- turn and go steps
- pivoting away
- jab and slip (throwing the right without throwing the right hand)
- jab and lead hook
- long hands up retreating
- jab slip left hook, take a step out for left hook
All above but with the right hand forward. Having a good intensity will get lots of heat into the body.

Make time for practise - little and often. You do not need lots of space. Make time.

Left hook detail: Complete the right hand to get the correct range for the left hook; the right shoulder will be forward. Keep it tight and they will be less likely to see it; the left hand stays close to the face and the elbow lifts for the hooking angle. Don't drop the left hand as if to windmill hook the left. It might look more powerful but there will be no hip and torso rotation.

Uppercut details - drop the right shoulder as if slipping. Punch from the hip and turn the shoulders and spine(keep the hands tight to the face). This is a natural arc motion. You will need to take a short step in for the range. Left jab, slip left, left uppercut. You only need to step if they are not moving forward with the right hand

Since starting the new system with Martin I feel like body mechanics and attack delivery and defence have become tighter and more integrated.

This video is great for many reasons. One is that Vinny's body motion is fantastic and the punches come from rotation and movement.

Boxing hands: this is against the slow right hand or the southpaw. You always want your leg outside of theirs - you are on the outside of their jab and stance; they will need to cut across themselves to throw the right hand.

1: Southpaw throws a jab, orth does a mini pak then jabs the left hand over to their glove (target). Keep the movement small to avoid reaching for fake shots. By turning the shoulders into it you cut the angle off as they literally fall into the pak sau. If you stay square it will be harder to counter over their jab as you are already lined up for their right hand.

Counter 1: Left vertical punch.
As he throws the left hand, you are on the outside, the right hand comes in and you try to follow the left hand back. As the right comes in your left is there ready for the counter. Small v step, right pak pull parry and left punch under his right hand to the chin.

Counter 2: right uppercut. Same intial defence as above but this time your left hand will be folding back parry (comb the hair style) with right uppercut to counter the southpaw left hand.

Sensitivity drill (powerline guiding) with 3 attacks. They can throw wing chun or boxing punches and you are encouraging the movement along those powerlines
1. Kau sau body clinch: Get his elbow on your shoulder, torso to torso. Don't have his arm as ornamental - you move it and not around it, affect his structure
2. Elbow: turn, no need to step as you will jam the range.
3. Hook to the body. Keep the elbow out for the right angle for the punch. This is like counter 2 in the boxing hands section.
4. Double lap. Catch it, grab it, both hands in place then pull down vigorously. Don't pull the wrist then grab the elbow and pull. Both hands on and they act together.

Sensitivity drill (outside wrist control): Hand on each of his wrists on the outside. He gives various energies, feel it and look for arm drag, DWL, clinches,

Body shot sparring.

Clinch and grip sparring:
Ayyaz counter and me trying to regain dominant head position is the reason I have a sore head this morning. Love it.
Big Ron lifting v head control and he rudely went for a sumo lift. In the playground this is called a wedgie. Still walk awkwardly this morning...

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