Thursday 8 May 2014


Something I personally struggle with is this idea of surrender. I have a lot of time for what GT talks about, some of it touches on the religious and that is something I find hard after a Catholic education for the first 18 years of my life and finding my own path there after.

Towards the end he talks about oneness and that is something Martin talked about when sparring and being in the moment with another human where only the moment matters. 

The reason I have time for Geoff Thomspn is the seminar I went on in the late 90's that was hosted by the wing chun organisation Martin used to belong to. They seemed to have an open mind and would get guest instructors down. At the time GT was big in the martial arts media and was pushing his type of training: real, fear based, 3 second fighter. So I know from a martial perspective there is absolutely no bullshit. I also had the pleasure of a Brian Jacks seminar.

Perhaps in training we need to surrender to what will happen in sparring; to us and by us?

Ultimately he is talking about being a good person, giving more than taking and being responsible for all our actions and choices. Seems like sound advice to me!

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