Sunday 25 May 2014

Hybbrid joint mobility program

This program is an amalgam of all I have learnt so far in terms of joint mobility and wellness over the past 20 years.

As this program is about developing, extending and maintaining mobility wellness, start slowly and relax through it. Use the weight of the limbs and the body. Your body will also tell you how and when to breathe.

You can use this in isolation to waken the body for the day or as part of a warm up.

Any questions just ask.

circles l2r, r2l x10, chin to sky then chest x10, side to side x10

Shoulders: figure 8’s, l2r, r2l, u2d, d2u, b2f, f2b x5, single and double Mexican waves x10, scapular claps x10, arms screws x10, discuss swings x20, single and double shrug circles.

Elbows: figure 8’s, l2r, r2l, u2d, d2u, b2f, f2b x5

Wrists: figure 8’s, l2r, r2l x10

Fingers: individual waves thumb to pinky and back x5

Torso: figure 8’s, l2r, r2l, b2f, f2b x5, giants x10, opposite calf taps x10, pull the rope x20, side bends x10

Hips: figure 8’s, l2r, r2l x10, snake creeps down x10, Wudang squat bends x20, leg circles f/s/b x5, can can swings f/s x 5

Knees: single leg figure 8’s, l2r, r2l x5, double circles, pressing circles, butterfly circles x5

Ankles: single leg circles x5, rocking heel to toe x10

4 corner balance drill: 30 seconds each hold

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