Tuesday 6 May 2014

Class notes: Awesome Ayyaz's class

Martin was away 'working' in Las Vegas so Ayyaz stepped up and taught the class.

Tonight was great as it gave us a chance go over lots of material to increase our own rep count. So we looked at:

- 3 drill rolling

- attacks out of the 3 drill: hitting through the centre, arm drag, DWL

- Pummel and attacks out of the pummel: arm drags, DWL, Thai clinch, shoulder control from 3/4

- Boxing drills: jab and counter jab, adding the right hand and shoulder roll, attacking with the left hook over their right hand, mini kau sau right hand against the jab.

- Light sparring out of the 3 drill

Massive thanks to Ayyaz and of course Trist for their patience and guidance tonight.

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