Wednesday 19 November 2014

Class notes: standing grappling sparring.

Warmed up with pummeling.

Then looked at the inner forearm choke that Gastelum used in UFC 180 against Ellenberger

We looked at this from mainly a seated view (front to his back), we played briefly with it standing so mainly sitting. The new bit of learning for me was about using the forearm to apply the choke, the hands were the fulcrum and you pull the elbow back to your shoulder to close it off. Tight, painful and generally horrible. I liked it also as you do not need to only go for the bicep and forearm suppression with the chin at the elbow fold. This gives you other options. In playing around it helped if the head was folded forward over the arm as this gave the choke great initial tightness.

The rest of the session was standing grappling sparring. After each round we sat down as a group and spoke about 1 thing our partner did well and something they need to think about next round. This is something I use frequently in my class as a teacher as articulating your learning and that of another will make the learning deeper, therefore staying in the memory longer.

Yet again, a really good honest session.

Friday 14 November 2014

Class notes: Ayyaz for Croydon Council

No Martin tonight so Ayyaz stepped up to the plate. It was most pleasant to spend time repping the basics and even getting a sweat on later in the class.

3 drill:
After the hit through the centre we worked on adding lap and a hit. You need to lap with the hand that throws the punch down the centre.

The basic roll, looking for arm drags and chokes.

Pummelling sparring:
Trying to get the back.

Grip breaks followed by grip sparring where one attacks and the other defends. Where one tries to get the back and the other can only defend. Then both trying to get the back at the same time.

Drilling the 3 entries off the jab/hook, jab/jab. jab/jab. Following up with the strikes then going into the clinch phase and manipulations.

Jab and jab counter drilling

Jab sparring: one attacks and the other defends. We did loads of rounds of this.

Hands only sparring with controlled pace and level of contact.

Despite being quiet in terms of numbers it was still a great class that involved lots of movement, partner changes and practise.

Sunday 9 November 2014

Class notes: arm drags

Arm drag to choke (rear naked)

Arm drag to jumping choke, the flying rear naked.

Arm drag from knees and wrist control

Shrug off when they go for the head.

Control the elbow crease in the clinch.

Arm drag to elbow lift to get them moving towards you. Drive wrist and elbow opposite (like an arm bar/ elbow extension)ways swim through for head control.

He jams and shoulder control with the elbow bong.

He jams then come out and take the hip

He jams and go for the head and arm

He jams then body clinch with wrist bones

Striking drills off the 3 series of jab then traps.

jab hooks trap

Jab jab trap

jab in jab out trap,

Follow each up with the right hand, then create a 4 move flow by adding grappling control after the right hand.