Saturday 17 May 2014

Home training update May

Added in the last 5 or 6 weeks worth of techniques

Striking range:

Combos: 1, 1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-2
‘Invisible’ right cross
Jab, cross, hook, cross
Slipping the right cross
Shoulder roll against the right cross
Catch the ball jab
Left hook and left uppercut to counter the right cross
Foot work: squaring him up, getting off the power lines, pivot, step and go, retreating curve, inside and outside paks against jabs
Pak jab defence followed by a right cross:
Give and take a shot drill: left hook head, right hook head, left body shot, right body shot, left uppercut and roll, right uppercut and bob.
Punch resistance drill: Slo-mo with a partner holding their hands up.

Sensitivity drill: - guiding down the power lines
1: Follow the punch by snaking your arm along the top of his, sort of clasp the upper arm as you step in and take his back from the ¾
2: Double lap
3. Elbow from the outside over the incoming arm
Sensitivity drill: double inside gate wrists –
1: Arm drag
2: DWL

Grappling range:

DWL to shoulder control and back again
Escape from the can opener.
Grip breakers:
Headlock defence:
Wrestling pummel:
Double underhook defence:
Arm drags
From hands on the shoulders and hips
Head and arm trap
Grovit – thumb guillotine – blossoming flower of oblivion
Arm drags from the pummel
To get the ¾ position, the DWL (double wrist lock), underhook and head clinch, full Thai clinch,
Against an arm drag resister.
Thai clinch into headlock take down, Chicken wing, Standing Kimura, Bail out and strike, Two hand to One shoulder control.
Standing neck crank (old school)
Standing grapple sparring.

3 drill:
Forward pressure - make each hit direct and aiming for target, not merely there as something to be 'blocked'
- lop sau - to his hip - engage the lat and grab with thumb
- inside gate lop sau after first chop - key is to drop the elbow in the lop
- chops are from the elbow from the centre (as the punch)
– forearm attack, pak and punch into DWL
Their chop forward – take them into head and arm (pak/pull along powerline)
Extending from the inside gate lap, swap to other arm to inside gate lap and arm drag.
3 drill off back fist (now forearm): body hit, x trap, tan sau. 3 drill initial block pak sau
Body shots from the back fist attack (now forearm):
Hit through to the abdomen, piston back inside to face followed by lap and hit to chin.
As above initially but instead of piston, crappy chop to the outside gate and hit to chin.
Backfist, step to the side, turn and hit to floating ribs.
As above but fake the body shot and slide across his centre to other side and hit to body..
Sinking and dropping the weight to hammerfist the groin. This can be done in 2 subtly different ways. The first sinks down and hits through the guard, the second involves lifting the arm and coming under for the hit to the groin.
Thirdly is circling the hand down and to the solar plexus.
Fourthly, rotating the fist back and up to hit to the chin.
Lifting the arm held and hitting to the ribs.

Sparring development:
1. Jabs to the body.
2. Jabs to the body whilst holding the right glove between your jaw and your neck.
3. One attacks and one defends - defender can't move feet and only uses head, body movement and hands and covering to defend the shots coming to the head and body.
4. As above but now the defender can use movement and the left jab.

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