Saturday 7 May 2011

Week 49


Longer range weapons. It makes sense to have these as an add on and not be hamstrung by a system. We might need these as an entry to close the gap to employ our wing chun punches. The nice attribute of the jab and cross is the protection it offers the chin

We looked at the mechanics of the jab, cross and hook. Aim to hit with the bottom 3 knuckles as this is our bread and butter with the WC punches.

Jab: Point the shoulder into the punch and along the arm, elbow same height as the wrist, come slightly on to the ball of the lead foot as this will add some rotational torque to the punch.

Cross: Very similar to the jab really in terms of mechanics regarding the shoulder and the elbow. I was being too square so asked Martin to actually move my torso into the correct position for the cross so I could feel it. I am primarily a kinaesthetic learner so need this.

Hook: Avoid dropping the hand down to develop rotational power. Lift the elbow parallel to the wrist, drive the hip, spine and shoulder as an integrated unit. The hands should move very little as it all come from the body. To clarify, don’t throw the hook as you will over extend and only be using the arm. Less is more. This was as an important revelation as changing my golf swing years ago when told by a scratch player, turn don’t lift. The weight of a punch using the body (74kg) over the weight of an arm (6kg) is a no brainer.

Slip A – Jab, cross, slip left, cross, hook cross. When working on the pads the emphasis should be on soft but fully extended punches. Have the self discipline, speed can come later. It is more important to have correct technique. It is vital to make all the punches as small and tight as possible. No need to waste any energy or movement, in addition we must avoid telegraphing of our attacks and intentions.

Why to use the hook punch and the heel palm and the problems with each one.
The hook is used at very close range, elbow distance in fact. It is used when you need to clear their arm, using the heel palm at close distance will get jammed. The heel hook palm is used from slightly further away as the elbow is slightly lower on this technique. If you have the same elbow positioning for the heel palm as the hook then you will find your shoulder limiting your range of movement.

3 drill:
My question tonight was what to do against the strong energy of someone who is not giving laps. The solution Martin gave me was to palm out, push down and lap at the end. For this I am using more chest and less triceps. Bigger muscles for the same job, makes sense. So I need to work this as it is new to me. I am told this can’t be done at speed.

Grip breaks:
Against multi directional – this grip is not too tight but the intention of the gripper is to quickly hit off and regain wrist control. Explode elbow up with your hand as if cupping your ear and turn torso out then hack down on the neck and jaw line. We also learned that you can have double wrist control and use the same technique to attack.

A really great session tonight. I found the new information in terms of boxing fascinating and humbling. I thought I could throw boxing punches and thankfully I now do so need to get on with working on those techniques

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