Sunday 15 May 2011

Week 50

Last class at the scout hut. Main proportion of the evening was spent on the pads firstly wing chun mechanics then western boxing. As previously stated the boxing is an add on and to employed at longer range. If the wing chun punch is out of range, box and inside range wing chun. Martin is trying to seamlessly integrate the two systems to evolve a hybrid style of combat efficiency, aggression and practicality.

Slip A: left punch, right punch, slip right, right, left hook, right.

Slip B: left, slip left, right, hook, right

Bust it: lead left, right, left hook, right

Pow pow: lead left, left hook, right

Ensure discipline in the elbows with the boxing, there is a tendency for them to drop. The wrist and elbow are on the same plane parallel to the floor.

In addition, when boxing point the shoulder at the target behind the punch.

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