Wednesday 25 May 2011

Week 52

Very busy session tonight.

Tristan took the first part of class before Martin rocked up and we started off with a 3 drill warm up. Primary theme was relaxing on defences and exploding forward on attacks with footwork. The defender needed to look to off-line and absorb.

Arm drag series. Revision from the 4 core arm drags from last week then looked at putting the RNC on the end of it. The problem is that the likelihood of getting that choke on is most unlikely as they will turn back into to you. This leaves you with 2 choices.

1: The flying choke whereby you come around the other side of the arm drag.

2: Thai plum.

Here is a quick video about how to get the basic grip coupled with a knee attack drill.

From the Thai plum, keep his structure broken down then attack with 2 knees to the groins followed by a big knee to the skull.

The problem of arm drags for us is that we are entering elbow range of our opponent so be aware.

Here is an interesting Catch video about arm drags. It is worth watching as there are some similarities between the wing chun arm drag and those of the Shooters.

So we get caught in the Thai plum, what do we do to escape?

Well one way is this:

The technique we were rolling was similar to above in terms of posture, but we need to make sure we disrupt their balance and keep them unable to settle into the clinch. Strong structural posture and palms to his chin and get his head moving back over his hips and do the regular punching footwork as you drive him back. This will ensure great structure for you and impaired balance for him.

Bail out arm drag: Perform the initial arm drag from the punch entry or the pak and hit entry, clasp the elbow as if going for the arm drag then whip back across their centre and hit to the jaw as you turn him into the good news.

REMEMBER: Our core method and concept is the punch so we should always be looking for opportunities to hit or make opportunities for striking.

A good example of the above is using the cheeky method from the arm drag. Look for the entry to arm drag and as soon as contact is made with the elbow, drive forward hitting the jaw.

Pad training: Solo punches against the pad in sets of 10 each one getting harder and with greater intensity. Load the legs, set the arm. The angle of my forearms were slightly inward and not aligned to the pads. Martin re-aligned the arm angle, it was ever so slight yet significant. Hitting the pad now was denser and simply more efficient and effective.

Heel palm uppercut: This is needed as we need to protect the hand when we can't hit and connect with the bottom 3 knuckles. As above in working sets of 10 with increasing intensity.

Very deep session tonight and rather tremendous.

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