Friday 8 October 2010

Week 25

One armed 3 drill

No Martin tonight so Tristan did the majority of the teaching. Nice and thorough, technical yet appropriate to all levels, good job all round. The basic roll is inside gate lap - chop forward - roll over with backfist - pak sau and continue. Took a while to get used to, I was working with H. We seemed to get it down pretty well...

Lat sau

Hard and awkward. Z and Trist talked about crossing the wrists and why the arms do what they do. As I throw the punch to his chin, he intercepts by punching towards my chin, thus cutting the angle of my punch so it misses past the target. As soon as I feel him on the outside I must extend my arm by popping or straightening the arm. If this does not happen then his punch will land on my chin. As he makes contact on my arm he then throws a punch at my chin with his opposite arm. I then do as he did and cut/grind/attack his punch with one of my own.

I also found that my hands were jamming each other. Z noted that I was not pulling or retracting my hands quick enough after each punch. When I did, it seemed to flow better. Finally, in the air, both Z and Trist said lat sau is chain punching to the chin. Add a partner then they just become slightly interrupted by deflections. I also ran the gauntlet of checking H's punches and got one in the mouth for my sins. At least he was one target.

Pad training.

Ran throgh a range of pad training combos. (1 2 3 2, 1 2 1 14, 1 2 7 3 2, 1 6 3 2, 1 10 3 2) with the focus on use if the feet. Knowing that the first few hits are to damage and move him but the final 2 is the KO gift.

First form

Need to video this as too much info for my small mind to take in.

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