Tuesday 26 October 2010

Week 28

Monday night class at Tristan’s. The theme was integrating the hands and feet to work as one.

Started by working continuous punches against the pads. The feeder’s job was to walking around the room backwards, the puncher’s job was to follow and maintain distance, same beat to punches and making sure the feet are active, alive and working. At any given moment the feeder can walk forwards, puncher then has to offline and step in with a punch then continue chain punching.

3 drill: focus with intent and footwork with moving forward with at least 1 of the 3 attacks in the 3 drill. I noticed with myself that whilst moving forward my laps tended to suffer. I was working with Stable and found the final lap with palm was always tough. Could not get enough extension on the lap. Must do better.
We then moved onto working the one armed 3 drill. Keys given was to keep the shoulders square, ultimately to make the movements small and compact and to ensure all attacks move towards the target.

Out of range entry: Using the 1 armed 3 drill. Make sure not to step in to close the gap but reach and turn the shoulders to get the inside gate lap. Why? Because if we step in then we have closed the gap and committed too soon. By reaching we are losing nothing. When contact is achieved, there is a strong possibility that he will throw the other hand. If so we can then move in and crash his centre.

Entry technique: Employing the above which is said to be 16B and ends with a trap and hot.

Sparring: 1 minute rounds.

Pad training: Pyramid to 7

Finished with a run through of SNT

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