Friday 8 October 2010

No touch...

The no touch K.O. martial fraudsters

It bothers me deeply that ‘high ranking’ people are peddling this tripe. It actually saddens me too. If these techniques were so effective, so extreme and so deadly why are these not part of the basic curriculum in these styles? Why are the military, police and security personnel not employing these methods on the troubled in our society? Why am I as a school teacher not using this to restrain children without touching them? Why do we not see these methods employed in MMA, boxing or any other tournaments? Cleary because they are worthless, meaningless and do not work. I feel sad that someone like Leon Jay actually believed he could do this on a street guy. He looked rather embarrassed. As for George Dillman, it appears that all the money he is making is fuelling his rather robust appetite. Fatty, learn to control your palette and not the minds of your students. The benefits for all will be far greater.

However there are similar yet much more credible examples of ‘no touch’ style work that are not a fraud, that are much cheaper to learn and less reliant on pin point accuracy in the chaos of combat. For 3 years I trained in the Russian military art of Systema. The sparring in Systema is a game of sorts but essentially based on the notion of movement. If someone is going to attack you then there are several options open to you.
1. You get hit.
2. You move out of the way.
3. You do something to the attack.
4. You do not see it until the last moment and reflexively flinch out of the way.

Much of Systema videos out there look odd and as if the receiver is taking falls for the attacker. Not until you think about the hows and the whys of that type of training within Systema will you make sense of that type ‘no touch’ work. The main master Mikhail’s words have been translated into ‘Psychic work’ but this is wholly inaccurate as he is referring to using the flinch and escape response in the receiver of the hits. To learn the no touch work or flinch qork, get down to Systema gym and feel the sheer pain of their work and the very basic theory of proper no touch work.

So, Georgey Boy, do some hard work, loose the fancy badges and lofty titles and be honest with yourself and with your students. And out down that sticky bun as you read this.

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