Wednesday 9 July 2014

Class notes: a maximum of 2 moves

3 drill warm up: It still amazes me how 4 humans feel so different when doing this. The type of energy, the direction and the little nuances each person has. It was a chance to both warm up and revise the material from last week.

Heavy back fist from the elbow pulling back. Don't flick and roll or snap it over. Should have depth, length and forward pressure.

Change pressure: pull the lap and send the fist to his face, you should move him to enable your bastard change (the undefendable chop/right cross).

His centreline and punch pressure

Lap directions: vary it for different relations and gaps in his defence.

Forward pressure: all attacks and defences

Hunting for the revved wrist in the 3 drill: This was a new addition to the drill where instead of applying the lap to the wrist or forearm, you hunt for the base of the hand and apply more torque to the arm. This will better enable the DWL entry.

Defend the centre on the outside so he can lap and punch and then go for the arm drag.

4 variants of the arm drag from the inside and outside wrist control (with punch down the centre)

Arm drag to back shoulder and hip control:

When done to you this feels most unpleasant, firstly because you are spinning around with your head below heart height, secondly, they are not applying much force and so are riding your attempts to escape. Below are the 4 variants of the arm drag entry to get to their back and hip.

lap right and punch left starting position: arm drag - pull the hook, shoulder drives through their shoulder to where they are not, just in front of their foot. Break the footwork rule of feet together, ride the bull, torque the wrist.

- buh the arm, and slip the left hand to hook the upper arm for the AD and reach around and grab the hip with the right.

- roll over and pull the elbow back if the pressure is going across the centre

- pressure being pressed into you and he is not letting you have the arm, go over for the DWL

- same side arm drag

These can be applied on the inside and the outside of the arm from the initial position as well as left and right handed.

Arm drag to arm shear head control - extended arm, if they stand then go into the shoulder clinch with the underhook. You remain in a dominant position throughout.

Uppercut from wrist control and punch to his centre. He blocks the punch. Keep the pressure on with the punch and lean the shoulder slightly into him. Turn the hip and the shoulder for the uppercut (hand on his wrist) and go back to wrist control. It looks like a rotation of the spine, nothing is extended. Tight small movements are the key. Continue to hit off until you get the chance to uppercut under his forearm. From here your hand will appear trapped between his arm and his chest. However, this is the perfect set up for the DWL>

DWL out of MT clinch defence.

Boxing drills:
jab and jab counter
jab and jab, left hook counter
jab and jab, right cross counter
the Fedor entry - long range entry with the overhand right to get wrist control against a good striker who is making your day miserable

This is a great way to help you close the gap in a relatively safe fashion. Strikers seeing the big overhand right will want to defend, block or cover up. You are not trying to land, just trick their eyes and brain into that. The split second they cover them you are on them like a drunk on a kebab.

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