Thursday 10 July 2014

Clean and lean living

After being inspired by my wife who has given up sugar,

I decided to buy the following book on Martin's recommendation.

At the start of this year I drastically reduced my gluetan and 'white' food instake. Stuff like bread, pasta and rice. I have switched to brown rice and pasta.

For all of my adult life I have been addicted to food. Luckily, on the outside it never has shown too much as I have always been very active. But I can't see what it is doing inside. After turning 40 last year I decided to take more conscious control of my life and my body. This is my pension and if it does not work, all the money in the world will be no good to me. Hopefully I have another 40 summers of life left in me and I want to enjoy that time in good health and sound mind.

Apart from our weekly session at the army hall, my physical training entirely consists of yoga. I am keeping a blog of that and have cheekily borrowed and been inspired by Martin's idea of Kaizen - continuous improvement. After 40 laps of the sun I am finally and truly starting to take control of my life and choices in terms of diet, exercise, mindset and work.

Here is my yoga blog link. I am essentially trying to et to 500 hours. One day I would like to teach this stuff but I need to get good before that is even a consideration.

In addition to the above I have started to make my own granola. Actually it is delicious. I am now looking at yoghurt makers to see if I can make it cleaner than my particular favourite, Yeo Valley. My own demons, usually the grazing greedy types, emerge after 9pm so if anyone has any ideas how to conquer this one, please let me know. I can eat pretty clean all day until then

Perhaps the ultimate question is how can I be effective at fighting someone else if I get beat by a dietry demon every day?

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