Wednesday 23 July 2014

Class notes: Ayyaz takes control part 2

3 drill: went over and drilled material from last week focusing on:

- Hit through centre and a method to counter it and keeping the range. This was having an alive feel for range with your elbow and sort of jamming his attacks.

- Hit to groin then lifting elbow off the backfist.

- Double lap, also off the backfist. For this I was working with Jack and his double lap was very believable and strong. Really good to see the young lad making so much progress.

Arm drag x 4 drilling: with speed for 2m30 seconds then swapping over. We did this for 3 rounds and the sweat really started to flow. The four types of arm drags were detailed in the class notes from last week. Again this was about drilling, making the motions tighter and smaller. When fatigue sets in there is no space for big motions as they will be countered withe ease.

Jab and jab counter

Jab and jab right cross counter
Spent a lot of time drilling the motions. I am really glad I used a video tonight as I can see what I was doing well and what I need to work on. Already having watched this video I have given myself 3 aspects to improve next week:

1: More lateral head movement on the jab defence.

2: Chin down at the end of the jab.

3: Correct alignemnt on the right cross. i seem to be turning and leaning too much and not delivering down the powerline.

Thai clinch defence counter: the head and arm or the long armed folding head control.

Flow wrestling This was a really nice part of the class where it was essentially free grappling sparring but done a pace with the focus on feel, hunting for the DWL, staying relaxed, staying tight and in a constant state of movement.


  1. Thanks Paul great to be able to watch stuff back and slap myself/analyse where I'm going wrong : ) Weird to realise how in the moment you are even when it's just relaxed sparring, I have no recollection of anyone watching what we were doing, watching back though where is my footwork!

  2. No worries Trist. I am learning lots from the vids too.