Wednesday 2 July 2014

Class notes: 3 drill master class

Tonight was 2 hours dedicated to the 3 drill.  

Below is most of the key points from the class with some extra notes. For this post there will be less because I feel this should enable greater memory recall...

Heavy back fist from the elbow pulling back. Don't flick and roll or snap it over. Should have depth, length and forward pressure.

Change pressure: pull the lap and send the fist to his face, you should move him to enable your bastard change (the undefendable chop/right cross).

 His centreline and punch pressure 

 Lap directions: vary it for different relations and gaps in his defence.

 Forward pressure: all attacks and defences.

 Line of 4: in the chop forward, (attack1), make sure all 4 hands are on the same plane. Aimed to to promote smart hand positioning in attack and defence.

False interpretation of the centre line: moving off his centre, for example hitting through his centre when you have turned or stepped offline. 

Universal principle doesn't apply when there is no forward pressure from opponent: UP is controlling that space in front of your chest where the hand folds back with in a 6-8 inch zone.

This image here shows the distance of the universal principle, when it applies to pressure coming forward. Imagine the thumb is on your solar plexus and the little finger is extending away on your centreline. That is the distance you want to own.

Hit through the centre x2 pressure on and off: from the backfist.

Uppercut out of backfist

Action reaction: for the hit through - 45 down then 45 up (kiss the gun). the forearm still needs to be uprightish as the elbow has rolled under his forearm. Then action reaction for the lap. Thirdly then go for lap and have hit through the centre!! Amazing stuff;

Arm drag: Lift the arm, don't fight the forward pressure. nbsp;

 Double wrist wrist lock: getting the grip on the hand and the wrist.  

 Grabbing under and on the hand = greater rev effect.nbsp;

Arm drag to 3 quarter control: pull hook and push shoulder with your shoulder, when they freak, hook upercut, reapply pressure, if head raises, elbow

Fantastic session tonight. Whilst I love the sparring and grind of the standing grapple I also love the technical science behind this system.

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