Wednesday 30 July 2014

Class notes: be aware of your wrist

30 mins of 3 drill with a look at

- defending wide on the chop forward so they to practise the inside gate lap and hit

- the roll over backfist


- lots of rolling the technique, low arms, turn with the long arm

- DWL hunting

- arm drag being tighter and smaller and turning on a dime

Wrist awareness: Do not let them have it. Be aware so when you feel the rev or twist going on, get it back to a strong centre. Same for the arms and shoulders. Pull the shoulder back into its socket.

DWL counter - the hand grip into arm drag

Defence against double underhooks

Compress their elbows in and this should lever to loosen the underhook attempt. This will work best before they close the grip so be aware of their hands. Once the grip is closed you are likely to be going for a painful ride.

Thai clinch counter counter - going for the elbow not the wrist. We discovered that Jack has arms that it does not work on meaning no move is 100%. The point I believe is to see if it does then move to something else if it does not. One position is not worth fighting and battling for.

Grapple sparring

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