Wednesday 9 July 2014

Fedor Emelianenko

This post has been inspired by the last peice of learning from our most recent class: the Fedor entry from out of striking range.

For many Fedor is the best heavyweight in MMA's young history. Whilst we never fortunate to see him fight in West apart from a few flings at the end of his powers, the internet can reveal the man behind the legend.

I enjoy watching Fedor for many reasons:

He was never physically imposing in height, mean mug ability or physique. His skills and movement were fantastic. His mastery of Sombo was second to none. He had a never say die attitude. He threw hands (and soccer kicks) with violent intent yet he seemed to be one of the most humble fighters ever. This might because he was a Russian making his trade in Japan where their thrill for MMA was the freak show type fights. Just watch how many 'specimens' he was up against. His resilience was a plenty. Watch the slam by Kevin Randleman that almost sent him through the Earth's crust. He still won that fight.

A killer on the feet, tremendous takedowns and slight ground work. He even pulls of a wrenching DWL finish.

This is Sombo; essentially MMA with a gi jacket. He fight just as he does in MMA - powerful and crisp stand up to set up the takedown into ground domination.

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