Thursday 29 April 2010

Class notes: lat sau

Entry punches against the street guard: Unknown to me, this later in the session turned into the lat sau drill (detailed later in this blog entry). Martin said that many systems battle for the space that the arms occupy and thus have methods to work with this stimulus. If a guard is held, we want to aim for the chin and crash the distance. If we get stopped by the arms, we can feel for gaps and energy and advance from that, in addition, if we don't get our punches stopped then we have access to the chin. The drill started from outside kicking range, close the range quickly with a jamming right hand punch followed simultaneously a straight left, making sure the elbow is straight. This is because it prevents his punch, we are inside his arm, our left might even go high and tall. Matters not, what is most important is that this arm is straight as it negates his right arm. From here we looked at several options: The repeater punch if his left stays low. If the left arm lifts as he tries to escape the ‘stick’, let it go up and switch to a compact uppercut.

Lat sau: Basic roll and initial details, stick on arm and repeaters.

Stance: I asked about the negative posture which he often refers to. Shoulders should not be further back than the hips as this takes the power away from your body leaving you with only the power in the arm. Low rather than high because you are more compact and able to use the whole body power. He kept reminding of the need to be compact, think not of hitting with the hand but with the hip (from which the rest is connected).

Application work: From the same hand on the same shoulder position we looked at using the arm drag which leads into options such as following up with hits, the flying choke or releasing him back to face as crashing in with punches. From opposite hand to shoulder we use the head and arm trap. Head to the arm then pull in to the crook of the arm, takedown or elbow... A great counter is to go soft and have a good posture. Similar to my experiences in Systema, holds need tension to work against, soft and loose can’t be controlled as easily. Seems to create space and has a wonderfully startling effect on their hold.

Pyramids: To 7. No matter how much relaxation is mentally sent to the lactic in the shoulders, the elbows can still go forward but the hands feel empty and spasmodic. Ergo, pyramid much more as only working through the pain, the acid and disbelief will growth occur.

3 drill: Change detail, I had been chopping but Martin said it has evolved into a resemblance of a left or right cross, aiming the little finger along the jaw line of partner. Much more intrusive to be on the receiving end of and shifted me towards negative posture. As a result, will begin to employ.

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