Friday 9 April 2010

Class notes: Put your toe in the bloody water

So last night was my first session with Martin. I remember texting my wife before I went in to say that I was racked with nerves. I walked through the doors and into a familiar sight; an exuberant Martin most welcoming and warm. The infant school hall made me feel comfortable as I had spent so much time there in the past training.

This is what we did; (my notes as I remember and not set in stone accurate. Any errors are all mine and a reflection on my bottom rung of the ladder-ness)

3 drill: - forward pressure - make each hit direct and aiming for target, not merely there as something to be 'blocked'
- taking the lop sau - over the top, never underneath as this gives them a path to come over and into your centre
- lop sau - to his hip - engage the lat and grab with thumb
- develop feeling for gaps and hit through the centre
- inside gate lop sau after first chop - key is to drop the elbow in the lop, this uses the correct muscles with the most efficiency. Also worked on the non-grab lop sau by using the web of the hand
- chops are from the elbow from the centre (as the punch) as opposed to my judo chop style hinging from the elbow

Pad training: Power in the first hit, extend the arm and hit with enough tension in the fist to whilst keeping the forearm soft as possible, fist to height of the wrist, elbows in tight, feet to move with the body. All of the pad training was from the pre fight fence position, left hand forward.

Combo 1: left hand lead touch the pad twice - right fist, left hook palm, right fist
Combo 2: hits the left arm - go with motion using immoveable elbow left palm strike - right fist
Combo 3: extended feed for outside gate lop sau - 3 hits with right fist and drive forward with each.

Pad training development: worked on random variations of the 3 at pad holders discretion, then moved into using hands on hands working relaxation and softness.

Anti Grappling: escape from the can opener. Looked at understanding the head control and how to apply it correctly - tight head and neck control. Elbows in tight and close, drive them forward as this will make the head pull down much easier, puts lots of pressure on the back of the head. Counter: palms on face and drive back up and over his hips whilst applying forward pressure, keep him stumbling. Swim 1 arm in, then the other for own can opener and drill continues.

Pyramid punching: (all x10)

doubles, then doubles with other hand forward
7's then back down the pyramid. I felt good up to 5's then the lactic kicked in and it all went stiff and sour. Something else to work on there then... I held the pads for Grandmaster who was solid, consistent, relaxed and sharp for all of the pyramid.

After the session I had a brief chat to Martin about where this is going, his honesty and mine in the training journey ahead. I felt very pleased to make this first step. I look forward to what will be a challenging and rewarding training future with Martin and his group of students.

On reflection 24 hours later, I am aware that I made many small errors tonight but am looking to develop these into positives and thus a decent level of skill.

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