Thursday 22 April 2010

Class notes: elbow power

No Martin tonight so Kam and Z took the reigns.

Ran through the form once, some came back. Enjoyed standing and learning, posted info above about the form and a few articles to outline and remind of the purpose of the form.

Elbow power:
Lots of focus on this today, in the 3 drill, opunching, chopping. Linked to this was engaging the lat muscles. I found it very hard to put my mind in my lats and engage them, but Kam said that when the elbow is down and moving along the centre, the lat will engage. Thankfully this explanantion made something almost esoteric, quite simple and something I can apply.

3 drill off backfist:
body hit, x trap, tan sau. 3 drill initial block pak sau

Pad training:
Focus was not necessarily on the numbers of the combos, but having elbow extension. I kept hitting with bent elbow, something I am very aware of in my own punching practise and am working on improving.

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