Friday 16 April 2010

My fear pyramid as of now

I have thought long and hard and tried to make sure that fears not dislikes have been listed, from the peak down.

Verbal anger and aggression.
Freezing in the face of raw aggression.
Being hit in the face. 
Failure: as a husband, a father, a chef, a teacher, a depatment head, a martial artist, physical prowess diminishing with age. 
Hitting the head of another.
Opening formal letters.
Checking bank account.
The dark and the tricks the mind plays about what lies beyond the field of vision. 
Speaking to a group of adults and wondering when I get the tap on shoulder and the whisper in the ear 'I am on to you, you don't belong here.'
Saying no to people.
Receiving negative jugdements, related to fears of failure listed above.
Calf tearing again unexpectedly.

Never done this before, read about it years ago in Geoff Thompson's book Fear, the friend of exceptional people. Glad to have done it as one of my fears means I have exposed my mind and thinking. Part of me hopes that only I ever read this, the bolder part of me hopes others do and criticise what I write so I may grow from the hardship.

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