Tuesday 28 October 2014

MMA thoughts

Last night I went to my old MMA class for the first time in 18 months since I damaged my knee there. I thought it would be a great chance to try and apply all the stuff Martin has been teaching us. There was only a few chances throughout the 3 hour class to apply what I have learned.

The first part of the class was technical striking so in my head it was time to work all the points Martin talks about with striking. The protective shell. head movement, footwork are all key when big gloves are coming at the head. And as if to parrot Martin's ideas, Lee, the MMA coach also expressed the same technical points to striking success. He is also a big believer in being excellent at the basics, again, something Martin has broken down before with the 4 keys to being a sound fighter.

We did a wrestling drill from our knees to get a takedown and then try to pin the partner. I wanted to start standing to get the arm drag going but could not get it from my knees.

We did a wrestling drill against the cage where you try to keep correct posture and pressure and flow through the different no closed hand grips. I found staying soft and feeling where my partner's arms were was something we had sort of worked on in class with Martin. I also thought a lot about my breathing and being in control of that. This helped me to stay relaxed.

We did a grappling technique looking a DWL from side control.

In the free spar at the end I was looking for the head and arm. Got the position few times on the floor but the shoulder was not through deep enough to cause a Saracen Leader effect! I was looking to use those magic bones on the forearm of catch wrestling, I also found the guilotene but again the shoulder was not deep enough around the head.

You can see the full blog post here detailing the other aspects of training covered.


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