Friday 17 October 2014

Class notes: finger jabs and co-ordination drills

3 drill to warm up.

From long range, man sau to inside gate pak sau as an entry for the chop attack. Whilst chopping keep in the chin tucked into the shoulder. From here work on follow up techniques from as wrist and shoulder control as the chop will be a way to bridge the gap.

If the throw a right hand as you enter with the chop, because there is a pulling on their lead hand, have the left hand on your forehead with the
palm facing outwards. This will add another layer of protection as well as having the hands up for the next phase of your work.

Martin also introduced using the finger strike to the eyes instead of the chop. This is not poking or anything kung fooey. For me it is like imagining my fingers have water on them and you are trying to flick the excess water off the tips. By using this technique you are not trying to pull out eyes and cause major trauma ending the fight in a magic second. You are causing distraction and triggering reflex actions as a way to get his hands up and momentarily disorientated.

Pak lap drill.
Getting the reps in to build on from last week.
Basic roll
Punching on the lap then inserting changes and punches.
Punching on the pak and inserting changes and punches.
Adding the inside gate pak after the pak sau.
More changes, more frequent hits and generally building up co-ordination competency for the drill.

Standing grappling set: working the arm drag, headlock defence, DWL, double lap, head and arm choke.

Martin then spent some time talking about a technique that he has applied with constant success against all types of grapplers, he also sent this paragraph:

You attempt an arm drag, when it is defended, probably by putting pressure on you shoulder or face, you go to grab the back of the head. This was what Martin called steps of the ladder way earlier on in the year. If the neck bends then you go to Thai grip. If they push back against your head grab you go straight to the head and arm choke. The other one we didn’t do but mentioned by Martin was Thai grip to either head and arm when pushed back or the take down (that doesn’t work on Jack).

Boxing gloves back on and we were working the jab and jab counter drill. This led to the counter punchers being able to choose to jab or the long left hook.

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