Thursday 23 October 2014

Class notes: boxing and co-ordination work

Boxing gloves on:

Sparring from out of range

Footwork drilling

Jab, hook, wrist control
Jab, jab, inside gate wrist control
Jab, outside jab, lap wrist control

Repeating the rounds with new partners:

How to counter the counter puncher

Jabbing and moving the head offline, jab and move off the powerline, jabbing sparring

Then again with the gloves off

Bare knuckle sparring

DWL of the jab and hook set up.
Long arm head control with the forearm. If they try to stand then positive posture, push the chin with the other hand if they try to scoop to grab the leg for a takedown.
Folded arm shoulder control from DWL entry.
Drunk man hug counter - going deep over the shoulder.

Pak lap drill
Basic roll, adding inside gate pak.
Changing on their attacks: Tristan change, change on the pak and the strong wrist change.

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