Thursday 9 October 2014

Class notes: Snatch attacks

This class was one of those session where I should have filmed because that would explain in much clearer terms than what follows. I guess this is an unusual post in that if you were there it will hopefully act as a reminder. If you missed class then it will probably not make too much sense.

3 drill: recycling the hands for the initial chop. This was chopping with the 'wrong' hand in 3 drill.

Pak lap drill: Partner simply throws continuous punches and you control along the power lines using lap and pak to keep him at distance and under control.

Once the basic roll is sorted you can start to add the change. The change is a double up of either the pak or the lap to get you on the other side.

Once you have got the roll of the drill and the change then you can begin to insert punches. Start by punching on the lap attack. Get your rhythm, timing and distancing then start attacking off the pak. You will also need to add subtle hip rotation to the punches to give them extra body behind them.

Next when you feel comfortable with the above start inserting the inside gate lap. This happens by turning the hand over after the pak to guide that punch to the opposite shoulder. Punches can also be added to the inside gate lap.

Martin and Trist both demonstrated the whole drill fro punching on single attacks all the way up to attacking of the 3 control points. To me it looked like a blur and something that is a long way away from being good let alone competent at. Martin then took it one step further and showed the whole sequence from snatch to 3 drill to pak lap and back again.

Martin also gave a brief demo of practising solo in the air.

Pak lap drill becoming a snatch attack drill from long range - pre contact range in sparring or match fighting.

Applying the snatch attack to short lap the from arm of the guard then pak with the same hand to his rear hand then to insert your own choice of attack depending on angle and distance. Knees, head control, neck and wrist control,

Inserting the pak lap control into the 3 drill. To get it going, the person who wants to apply the technique needs to start with the lap and palm strike. This will give you his attacks then three of yours to get it going.

This as usual was one of the sessions whereby time went too quick and more time is needed to practise. I guess that is what the next 40 years are for!

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