Sunday 9 November 2014

Class notes: arm drags

Arm drag to choke (rear naked)

Arm drag to jumping choke, the flying rear naked.

Arm drag from knees and wrist control

Shrug off when they go for the head.

Control the elbow crease in the clinch.

Arm drag to elbow lift to get them moving towards you. Drive wrist and elbow opposite (like an arm bar/ elbow extension)ways swim through for head control.

He jams and shoulder control with the elbow bong.

He jams then come out and take the hip

He jams and go for the head and arm

He jams then body clinch with wrist bones

Striking drills off the 3 series of jab then traps.

jab hooks trap

Jab jab trap

jab in jab out trap,

Follow each up with the right hand, then create a 4 move flow by adding grappling control after the right hand.

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