Friday 18 March 2011

Week 43

3 drill:
Good quality practise. Opened with ensuring full laps, then onto piston punch. My error was that I always went to the outside of the pak sau. Of course if the centre is clear the come inside the pak sau. As always control their structure and centre with a strong lap. Finally we went onto inside/outside gate lap. Just great to have time to develop the sense of feel.

Shoulder control:
By shoulder control I mean that the aggressor has tight hold of your shoulder clothing to ensure the control he desires.

Got warmed up with this feeling by pulling each other, 1 for 1. When being pulled and ragged, as the foot lands throw the punch. We then investigated how to move the shoulder when it is being held. Shrugs and circles. A common mistake when throwing punches was not being square enough with the hips and thus the shoulders. It is vital that you are as square and balanced as possible when throwing punches.

The lights went out for a few rounds. The point was that Martin said most of this in the fog of combat will be primarily on touch and feel. I was more concerned about being bumped into the walls than being lumped in the chops by Z. We did both variation of hitting empty hand and on the pads.

Wrestlers pummel:
Looked at several ways to disengage with offensive intent.
Lead shoulder butt/shrug. Don't twist, keep weight balanced, don't lean back. As soon as you have dis-engaged and in balance, start throwing hits to the chops.
If they are giving lots and lots of forward energy, let it come and 'bowl' the arm and thus them over and into their void.

I really enjoyed tonight as during the standing grappling I was wearing a gi top as I did not want to ruin my fine threads. I have not donned a gi since I finished BJJ. In the olden days of my training I would have had some kind of mental issue and binned training and gone back to BJJ. On Thursday night I had no desire to walk that path. So I am looking forward again to slipping the gi on and grappling at the WWCA.

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