Monday 7 March 2011

Week 41

3 drill detail.

As we are going to re-grade 2 in a few weeks Martin is working on our corrections. I now think that 3 drill is going to be my Achilles Heel. I seem to very bad in all the defences that are either chops or palm strikes.

But, correction detail.

Stay low and tight in the arms. I observed that when Martin rolls his elbows are very low and almost toughing. On reflection from the class and my own visualisation work that funky chicken would be an appropriate way to label my 3 drill. I am going to be getting an elastic band to discipline the elbow position in 3 drill. This might be why I am missing the defences to the open hand strikes. My range might be crap also.

Block and attack towards the person not the arms. When the change happens, the shoulders turn and this creates a big gap for the hit through the centre.

Strong laps. Goes without saying

On the piston punch, drive them backwards and repeat the piston. 2 days after training my left forearm was a purple mess thanks to the Ninja Slippers and his death chops. Perhaps I need to soften in someway?

Towards the end of the session we looked again at the Wrestlers Pummel. Same detail and drill as week 40. This week included an extra technique of on the change use a rising elbow to the chin followed by a elbow with the other arms. The simile is that of a tennis serve. Toss and hit.

Still very concerned about my 3 drill. Hopefully next session I will get a chance to implement my elastic band theory.

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