Saturday 12 March 2011

Week 42

Lat sau:
More practise on the basic roll with changes and defending the cross punch. A new detail was that Martin mentioned the triangle with the apex at the tip of the chin sloping down to the shoulders. This is because the movements for punches are started here, so eyes on the chin.

Pad training:
Warmed up by hitting with a pattern of 1, 1-2, 1-2-1, 1-2-1-2 then start the pattern again. The learning points were to be in balance at the end of each sequence and to have full extension of each punch.

From the wrestlers pummel, push off and disengage then hit the pads with a 2-3-2.
From a position of being roughly controlled and held by the shoulder we worked on being able to hit whilst off balance. This was tough and awkward and hopefully something we will be doing again next week. I am going to take down my gi jackets so the attacker won’t ruin our fine silk garments,

Simplicity and efficiency:
One important point made by Martin tonight was when hitting with repeaters, keep doing it. Why change to another move or technique if the one you are using is working. Surely this is a wing chun concept that too easily overlooked. Too often do you see videos on YouTube of people doing a load of different consecutive moves because it looks good. The videos of the club’s Facebook page of Emin Boztepe highlight this point. His keep flying in with a punch to the face, no matter what technique his opponent throws. The most simple and efficient technique appears to be the most effective.

Linked to this footwork. Martin stated that we should be very wary of people that teach defences against punches where the first move is to move the feet then the hands. It is too slow, too impractical but it looks good, it looks easy and it looks clean. It also probably very ego massaging. The following quote from Bruce Lee highlights this.

‘The quality of a man’s technique depends on his footwork, for one cannot use his hands or kicks efficiently until his feet have put him in the desired position. If a man is slow on his feet, then he will be slow with his punches and kicks. Mobility and speed of footwork precede speed of kicks and punches’ p.142, Bruce Lee, Tao of JKD.

Watch the following video and you will see sharp and fast feet resulting in laser like hand work.

For me, my balance at the end of punches is worse than at the start, therefore, according to Martin, Bruce and Emin, my hands are less effective because of it. Footwork, footwork, footwork.

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