Sunday 3 April 2011

Week 44

Began with lots of 3 drill, changing partners lots. It is always fun working with a wide range of energies and levels of relaxation and tension. I have found that when I perceive tension I seem to make such more effort and tired much quicker. I found out tonight that I have slim to no confidence in my lap sau with the left hand. Still pulling towards my hip and not pinning towards theirs, or across their centre as I should be. Time for more visualisation practise.

I did feel like I have taken a big backwards step with 3 drill and am very concerned that this is what let me down in the level 2 grading and little progress has been made.

Lat sau felt a lot better in terms of confidence. I cant emphasise enough that for me I need to be totally focussed on every single punch. As soon as talking with my partner starts, the quality nose dives faster than a falcon on its prey.

Well I have not done this since before the grading, about 8 weeks ago now. We only had about a minute with each partner so I felt unsettled in the quick changes. Of course in reality I should be ready to go and have my own internal rhythm set with every new partner. Really enjoyed it though.

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