Sunday 3 April 2011

Week 45

Brief but most beneficial.

Popped to training for 45 minutes. The focus of the lesson was on the use on inside gate pak sau to their lead hand. Many of the techniques also included use of lap and punch which was most invaluable practise for me. Whilst full confidence is not restored, it has grown from the depressive lows of last week. This concept of probing their lead hand has also given me some ideas to tag onto my mindset for sparring.

I also learned and understood the differences between pak sau and lap sau...It is to do with where your motion is in reference to yourself. Usually pak goes along or across your center whereas lap are on the outside gate of your own centre. Confused?

Technique sequences included:
1: Inisde gate pak sau, chop forward off the same arm, lap and back fist, repeaters.
2: IGPS - hint at controlling their rear hand and throw the big H-bomb.
3: As number 1, if block, high lap, snake other hand through to back to neck for head control, as they bend over for you, knee to the chops.

Recently I watching an Eddie Bravo video where in competition he consciously worked to pull off and perfect a specific technique. For him it was the Twister. For me is it going to continue to be:
1: Hybrid stance, tight, compact and light.
2: Attack at end of the attack.
3: Off lining footwork.
4: Close the gap when in contact range.
5: Control and no control. I think this is do the opposite of what they want to do.

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