Tuesday 30 September 2014

Class notes: controlling the centre

The class was mainly working out of the 3 drill

Chopping off the other hand in the first attack of the 3 drill:
This is done by grabbing and circling the chop over.

Leaning chops: falling steps, the legs catch up to the body. Stay balanced. Martin's chops were tight and deep and he was covered.

Head down shoulder up entry chops

Inside pak attacks from the chops both same side pak and opposite side

Using the attacks from 3 drills after the inside pak

Inside lap off the chop in the 3 drill

Having the commitment to attack. Feeling Tristan attack gave me little time to react even though I knew what was coming. My instinct was to clinch and wait for a gap. Several times he had me tried up in knots. A lot of the above can be transfered to fighting someone with a guard up.

You want the X. Never pak from the rear hand as it is too far to travel.

If they are right leg forward then mirror

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