Wednesday 5 March 2014

The pummel

Here are some vids around what we warmed up with last night; the pummel

The use of the feet is different to our way but the heavy weight through the body and legs is evident later on in the clip.

This pummel looks similar to ours and it is in this post as the finishing neck crank is delightful. Also, the takedown looks like something Martin mentioned before class last night - triangles and where the guy is weak. This grappler has a really good understanding and awareness of his opponent's balance and how to disrupt it. Not good for the pavement arena but good for the matted one.

Yet here is the problem of a weak Thai clinch:

The defence and escape looks sweet yet the initial clinch looks very poor. Now that Martin is teaching very technically is is starting to make me look at what and how people are doing with a much more focused eye. I find it reassuring that we are being taught well and it is forcing me to analyse my own movement when I am training at home. I have just finished some strength work (a series of super-sets focusing on pulling exercises)but in my rest periods I was working the 1-2-3-2 from last night. Trying to feel the weight, the chin to the shoulder, the feet, the turning of the hips, the angle and powerlines. I don't think before I have been to analytical. Perhaps it is an age thing...

Anyway, get pummeling with the missus.

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