Sunday 16 March 2014

Ground fighting tips

From a Jits perpective, looking forward to learning the CACC perpspective

Ground fighting tips:

Half bottom control (half guard):

Eddie Bravo
• the half guard should be mastered because whether you are a beginner or an advanced player you will find yourself on your back. Once there, trapping your opponent’s legs between your legs in a half guard is much easier than trapping their body in full guard (bottom control).
• When your opponent has you trapped in mount (top control) or side mount (side control), the half guard is only one step away. by hooking one of the opponent’s legs between your legs, you can retain control of the fight.
• From this position you can turn a neutral or weak position into an offensive one.
• Never look at half guard as your opponent is half passed your guard, look at it as you are half way to getting a sweep or taking your opponent’s back.
• Mastering the half guard allows you to be more aggressive in the mount (top control) and side mount (side control) because the fear of getting reversed and placed on your back is gone.

Top control (mount)
• If you guard is dangerous you’ll be more confident on top.
• Take time to work top control. It can be extremely frustrating at first because you are always getting rolled but once you have learned how to establish a good base, the subs will fall into place.
• Head and arm control provides the best balance in top control. If you do not have balance you do not have offense or defense.
• When your opponent rolls beneath you learn how to float on top of him to avoid getting pulled on your back.
• When utilizing downward punches from top control will open up numerous submission possibilities.

Saulo Ribeiro:
• Always close your elbows. An open elbow is a pathway for armbars, upper body control and poor posture.
• Always prevent the cross face control. If your opponent controls your head he controls the direction of your entire body.
• Never stay flat. A flat body is an immobile body.
• Use your hips and body pendulum to generate power. Your body is a much stronger weapon than your arms alone.
• Release your ego and always tap. Tapping prevents injury so you can train tomorrow.
• Never forcefully hold down your opponent. Use his movement to transition to submissions.
• Use strength where it is necessary.
• Learn what is needed for each submission whether it be leverage, angle or movement. Each type of submission has special mechanics.

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