Thursday 9 September 2010

Week 22

September certainly is the moth of reps. Z had us working in a similar pattern to Martin last week. Worked lots of footwork drills, pak, lap, arm drag drills. Worth noting was the use of knees on the head and arm trap. The skipping and swapping of the feet is to post better for the knees to the torso. As noted by H, the end of the technique is to get up on the balls of the foot to maximise the transfer of energy into him.

We also spent a lot of time working the dynamics of the body and head hook strike. Z had us working opposite knee to shoulder before hitting. This was important as it provides you with the correct body mechanics for the hit. I really enjoyed this part of the training tonight as I went into myself and loved the solitary repetativeness of the training.

As we had no pads, we were working the pad combos in the air with footwork. Not done this before so found this both an interesting twist and a decent work out.

Sparring was very interesting and diverse as usual. H had a great variety of compact attacks, Paul loved to tie up and grapple, Ish controls the forearms and works from there. All I can remember at the moment...

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