Tuesday 26 July 2011

Week 59

Warm up grappling sets but random delivery in order to get used to not working a prescribed patterned response.

Main focus of the class was looking at body shot attacks from the pak and lap entries.

Pad training: Working the basic set of the 3 combos. Interestingly Dave was throwing the head shot with the pads at the end of each set and this added some bob and weave practise to the pad training. A nice addition.

Sparring: Again my main focus of the blog entry as I feel this is where I make the most gains and losses. Tonight the pace was slower and much less chaotic. Every person I sparred with I felt less competition and ego in me as a driving force. I was able to practise footwork and hunting for elbow control. I even had a chance to work inside gate pak, elbow lap for head and arm triangle set up. I enjoyed it for the first time because i was practising and not fighting. It only took 59 sessions...

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