Friday 1 July 2011

Week 56

3 drill.

Warming up with Trist. He was using a clever little shrug to elicit a reaction of his backfist attack.. Also his laps instead of going to my hips he has a slight pull towards himself. But I really enjoyed the fast and firmness of the drill.

Warm up sets: Does as it says on the tin. A short series of 3 sets that could be done either with focus mitts or without. It is probably better to use pads because of the impact training from set 3. The sets are to be performed in a very relaxed manner with not to much pressure as the philosophy for the sets is warm up not a hardcore session.

• Set 1: Headlock (posture up, extend arm to turn head and punch 3 times, lift their arm over your head). Plum clinch (head up and posture, hands in and control chin forcing head over hips, insert arms for plum clinch and knee. Ensure pressure from clinch does not lift with punch). Underhooks (Hips down and back, insert hands to hips to create distance, secure elbows and elbow strike).

• Set 2:Arm drag left and right, guillotine (posture up, turn into him, take further hip and hit to chin with the palm). Chicken wing (turn in to the hold with your back, turn back into him and hit).

• Set 3: Bust it high (1, 2, 3, 2), bust it low (1, 6, 3, 2) and bust it upper (1, 10, 3, 2)

Anti hooligan work:
• Arms out aggressive posture: Drop step and he encroaches the space and hit to the jaw. I was going sideways and not forward enough and thus losing power.

• Stiff straight arm and cocked right hand. Ignore the arm and only give it the slightest of touches and work around the arm with big hits.


Being way too defensive and way to clinch happy. Need to start looking at finding a balance between offensive defence and strong striking offence. I know I need to work on my off-lining footwork but this needs to be in with attacks.

So I intend in sparring to work on the following:

• Off lining footwork
• Don’t turn pose or duck.
• Attack with my body not my hands, begin by looking at elbow control and attack.
• Hybrid stance.
• Throw more quality shots as this gives them less time to settle.

Most importantly is that i need to maintain my discipline and use sparring as a tool for my growth and not a game. I have wasted too much time trying to grapple and clinch. Time to start being smart and not lazy or predicable.

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