Wednesday 13 July 2011

Week 57

Spent a nice long time working the grappling warm up sets. Constantly being refined by Martin to iron out simple errors. I guess in the chaos of combat these simple errors can become big ones.

The main of the class was looking at the concept of the immoveable elbow and working the counter to the plum clinch.

The immoveable elbow concept was looked at the in-fight range as you give the opponent a long arm guard. Tight compact stance, fingers towards his eyes. Hopefully this will irk him somewhat and his instinct will be to swat to parry your arm in some way. As he hits the arm use the momentum to heel palm to the jaw/ear followed by a sinking (#6) hit to the lower ab/upper groin area.

Counter to the plum clinch. Was right in front of our eyes and Dave was the only one who had worked this out. By keeping the shoulders back and not extended, it prevents the arms being manipulated and used.

For entertainment and educational purposes:

rear triangle:

GSP single and double:

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