Saturday 5 February 2011

Week 37

A very quiet class tonight, only 7 of us. Before class a painful rumour developed about the the class moving to Greenwich. It is now Saturday night and since 7.30pm on Thursday this has been plaguing my thoughts.
What do I do? Should I struggle to the land of the Meridian? Should I look for somewhere else. The past few days have been a familiar yet uniquely unpleasant time. Familiar in that I have looked for a new club many times in the past but always because it was my choice. Unpleasant because this choice was being forced on me against my will. Thankfully the class if staying put. I can now maintain my focus and learning under Martin's tutelage. This is a huge relief for me as I feel that I am starting to settle into WWC and the class is made up of outstanding people.

In retrospect the class was good in that I learnt to become slightly better at footwork. Sparring was swift in the changes but consistent for me. I managed to work my game. I have noticed that in waiting for an attack so I can attack at the end of theirs, people don't like non action. Curiously this means I expend very little energy. If I can manage to not get frustrated and be patient, I am going to see and react in a much smarter way. It also gives me the opportunity to develop a tight defence.

So now I am looking forward to Thursday. Next Sunday is the grading. Already nervous thinking about it...

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