Thursday 27 January 2011

Week 36

Pad training.
Holy crap the hall is cold. Therefore we jumped straight into pad training. Began working the same initial punch combo as last week.

It is basic but I find it tough and quite enjoyable. Simply 'stepping' forward to a count. I do not think that 1 step I have ever done is identical to the last which makes this simple practise one that should not be overlooked for more sexy and exotic training methods. After-all, if we can't control our legs how the hell can we expect to survive that fury and chaos of street combat? Martin R gave me a fantastic tip; make sure the standing leg is under your ass at the end of the step. This made me much more mindful of all my legs and what they should be doing. My problem before tonight was my focus was on exploding forward with the lead leg, I almost assumed that the rear leg would catch up and take care of itself. Thankfully not so. No short cuts, no oversights. Crack on and control that rear leg.

More pad training:
Working a few simple combos; 1-2-3-4, solo practise of 5 and 6 ending up with 1-6-3-2.

Wrestling pummel:
Working the drill with Slippers, needed to have a solid and accurate structure to maintain my position. From the roll we looked to clinch the neck or take the hips. As we were working independently and alive it kept our posture more alert and not sloppy. Also looked at the neck clinch defence which is ultimately the palm push to chin move.

As always, great session tonight. Sorry that there was no sparring tonight but the thirst must wait until next week...

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