Thursday 27 January 2011

Week 35

This is late as a week has passed already. Anyhow...

Started with the 3 drill warm up. We started to look at posture and linked to sparring. For example we would look to attack the neck (Thai plum) or hips (takedown) in the 3 drill and when the neck is taken posture up BUT DO NOT STAND UP. When they go for the hips, ass back, spine straight but angled. This is a great addition to the 3 drill as it focuses the mind on keeping sound posture.

Pad training:
Drilling the basic footwork with triple punches. We then moved on to pre fight and meet and greet techniques.

Sparring technique:
Looking for the partner to give forward energy from the jab. Looking for them to almost give a palm out check. If you get this response on the second beat then step in deep and go for the head. This is a beautiful move if successful. However the problem is if done poorly, slowly or too obviously then you will get KO'd.

Hard and very tough spar with the boss. Generally got battered but managed to keep the footwork and posture sound as well as getting used to getting hit. Turning, ducking and flinching responses are slowly and gladly being reduced.

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