Friday 14 January 2011

Week 34

3 drill: Warmed up with 3 drill. Still working on the chops being from the elbow and straight as possible. I found them to be most effective when doing multiple changes and for sitting down into them. If I turn my shoulders then I lose power and something resembling decent alignment. Stable was very dominant coming forward, even in his ‘defences’ so I tried to use off lining footwork to counter the pressure. 3 drill for me is tough with Stable as he always comes forward and no quarter is given hence a good time to work the off lining footwork.

Footwork: Up and down the hall but in 50/50 and ultimately with double punches. Training fast twitch response to the count and exploding forward but keeping the hips and shoulders square on.

Off lining footwork: With a partner , guard hand to guard hand. One applies forward pressure and the defender feels the pressure and offlines by moving THE FRONT FOOT FIRST then the rear foot into a position that enables you to explode forward and attack. As we moved through the drill, people started to employ tan or lap sau off the front hand to add control to the opponent.

Sparring: Tried to employ the tips Martin gave me last week. Two things happened, it went well and it fell apart. Firstly I sparred with Nick who last week peppered the crap out of my face. I worked the no takedown footwork and stance and moved backwards a lot as he comes forward relentlessly. Tried to offline, managed on a few occasions but did not really manage to attack. But I felt much more secure using the footwork style. In time the hands will come... Against Paul, my ego got the better of my and we locked horns in a 5 minute standing grapple. Was great fun, he is strong as an ox and does not give up and has a good understanding of his base and space me and him. He left few gaps. I should have escaped his clutches and worked my own agenda out of range but hey, the grapple is most addictive.

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