Sunday 29 August 2010

Week 20

From the wrestlers pummel.

Repping the arm drag as it is important to get the timing correct as well as the correct control of him and you after the arm drag. Martin reminded us again that we are primarily strikers and are leaning basic grappling skills so we know how to understand their main positions and not be caught unaware if ever found in these positions. We need to know how to work against them.

We then looked at repping the head snap against the wrestler who leans too much into you. Similar underhook needed but the other hand snaps the head to the side and then push down on the back of the head, he is then set up nicely for a barrage of knees.

The final technique we looked at was the fake hip clasp, when he drops his hips as a counter to your low shoot attempt, slip back up for head control and throw k-bombs.

Attacking the lead arm.

If he has a street guard, you need to change your guard hands, engage the legs and have them ready to explode, become compact, focus the eyes and be just outside of punching range. It is a fine balance of distance and must be practised. Explode forward with pak and punch, leave the left arm extended as it will protect the head from a follow up attack. Follow up with punches to finish the job.

Sparring and ended with a very tiring pyramid to 7.

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