Sunday 10 August 2014

Learning from the stories and experiences of others.

I am a big fan of podcasts and my most recent discovery is that of Graplearts radio hosted by Stephan Kesting.

The latest 2 I recommend are the Tony Blauer interview and the Erik Paulson interview.

Blauer gives his interesting opinions about such aspects as coaching and fitness, of particular interest to me was when he talked in length about how competition fighting and sparring can prepare you better for the street.  This was also echoed in an interview with Burton Richardson who is a very well established JKD trainer out of Hawaii.

I found his honesty fascinating about how all his years of training did not work in the competitive environment. It was as if he had a false sense of what he could do because it had never been tested. Please listen as it is a fascinating interview.

Skipping back to the Blauer interview, he also talked a lot about fear and the two acronyms he uses to help understand it. Check it out.

Finally is the Erik Paulson interview. He is just an encyclopaedia of information and worth a listen, he created CSW, Combat Submission Wrestling. Again, listen to the path he took, the influences on his systems and the path he is now on.

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