Monday 25 August 2014

Discussion on sparring

Found this podcast recently (Hiyaa Podcast) and it is both entertaining and educational. Educational in the sense that experienced stylists from different arts talk about their methods and pasts. I like it as I love learning about all the martial arts.

Anyway, on the podcast linked below, there was an interesting chat about sparring. Such as what is it and how to incrementally develop it rather than just throwing gloves o and going at it. Part of the discussion within resonated in me because I used to think gloves on, gum shield in and see what happens.

When doing MMA we did lots of drills and then freeform. Freeform being using whatever you want. It did feel developmental rather than being thrown in the deep end. This is something that Martin has touched on several times that sparring intensity needs to be built up and not something that we just do. Having done lots of sparring in my martial arts career and in all the ranges of the spectrum, I can see the value in all variants. Doing the far end only will give you headaches and a speech impediment but not to do it will also leave a vacuum in your knowledge and experience of yourself. For many years I thought about how I would react and cope under pain, stress, exhaustion, fear and panic. I have found that different levels of sparring give you clearer and calmer eyes. I have also found that pain is a great teacher as well.

Strangely I have found a great big difference in myself in heavy sparring. Striking only sparring is still my nemesis yet grappling only sparring and grappling sparring with strikes sparring I love and am very comfortable with!

In closing, Martin is guiding us along our own paths to enable us to shape the martial art to us, not us to it and sparring, in which ever form it takes, is a significant part of our journey.
Enjoy the podcast.

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