Wednesday 6 August 2014

Class notes: pummel master class

3 drill: did about 45 mins of rolling. Trying to get different things to work such as the head and arm, hitting through the centre, double lap, short pak and kau sau. Working with Ayyaz I got lots of time to defend his hits through the centre and it was all about using the feet to keep out of range of his long arms.

3 drill 100k stance for 30 seconds - not to be lifted, thrown or off balanced. This is what our stance should be. Not in conversation stance but knees flexed, positive spine, shoulders forward of the hips. We pressure tested the two stances by resting our forearms on our partner's fighting wedge. They applied the forward pressure and we either lost balance (conversation stance) or absorbed it out through the arse and into the ground (combat stance).

Fighting out of the pummel: this was the focus from which all of our learning came out of tonight using our 5 primary grappling based attacks
1: arm drag
2: double lap
3: DWL
4: head and arm choke
5: long arm head control

the arm drag, swing back, counter punch and finishing punch:

Finding the double lap in the pummel is something I need to work on as I found it quite messy to find. Perhaps that is the point. It is not supposed to be clean and pretty all the time.

Regarding the elbow hits think about pointing the finger and this will give you the direction of the energy in the strike. You want your energy to go straight into him which means the forearm needs to be more parallel with your chest rather than the forearm folded in. It is almost as if the upper arm lifts and you are not you really hitting with the elbow, more like stopping their forward motion from the double lap with your elbow. Martin talked about his former teacher engaging in a challenge match with a Mantis teacher. The match ended swiftly with a double lap and elbow causing a rapid KO. I have looked online and found, obviously, no video evidence. There is however some videos of him training, teaching and applying wing chun. Here are a few to give you an idea of the man in question.

And here he is teaching from his knees! It has the embed code disabled hence the web address.

And here is our training video of the double lap and elbow.

DWL: details: get his hand away from you and him, whilst being in control, to stop the hand clasping. Create the space for the arm and then you step in to meet his wrist and not pulling it in to your chest. This will keep his arm away from him. 
Clasp over the elbow or on the tricep with your armpit not on the forearm. You will not have the leverage if you are too low on his arm.
To do the empty chicken wing shoulder control make sure when you transition from the DWL to the ECWSC that you close the gap between your side and his. I did this with the Saracen leader and he commented on how much more effective it was when this gap was closed.

Head and arm snatch into choke: Martin reminded us of the need to close the gaps and ensure everything was in the right place. Primarily the deltoid need to reach right through and under his jaw line. I was working with the Saracen Leader and several things happened in slow motion. I put the technique on and within half a second I let go. Saracen stumbles, I thought he was taking the piss by doing a comedy stumble. As he stumbled he banged his head then proceeded straight body and hit the back of his head on the floor a few times. He appeared to be fitting. I know you must leave people alone and put them in the recovery position afterwards. Luckily this lasted for a few seconds before he jumped up feeling a little queasy. I felt really bad that this happened but SL was super cool about it all. It also made me realise that if everything is in the correct place that this choke is fast and can put someone to sleep after you have let go. 

In real MMA action:

In a grappling match:

Long arm head control. Elbow up and elbow down. Martin spent some time going through this and perhaps I am over thinking it or simply crap at it at the moment. Found it really hard to get on. Along with the double lap more time on this is needed.

And how it should be done properly:

Rotational power, pulling the other hand or leg or waist back to give power to the striking tool.

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