Thursday 13 May 2010

Class notes: grading details

Back to basics with the focus on grading specific detail. Martin was very clear about what constitutes a fail and that he would be strict with fail detail. The main thing to avoid is negative posture (hips further back than the hips) as all power and options are negated by NP.

Footwork: balls of feet, but on the inside of the feet, legs alive and ready to drive forward. Imagine a band around the knees – leg far apart then it will snap, knees too close together then it will fall down, we want to keep the band up. When stepping, ensure the back leg keeps up and is not dragged. Shoulders square but feet @ 45 degrees. When inserting punching (air or pad), don’t load the punch and drive the elbow forward as the legs engage motion.

Pre fight posture: Looked at the trigger touch and meet and hit variations. Martin confidently talked about confidence in having good posture and crashing in with a strong punch. Used the palm against the chest (web strike V), keep the forearm bone aiming towards the target.

3 drill: off lining footwork when under pressure but ensure motions are kept tight and no NP, on the backfist drive forward and hit through centre into neck. Ensure a full lap sau. In addition, try to lap him into his void as this will affect his posture and balance. Keep attacking and defending with relaxed and forward energy, make sure that the energy is forward and along the centreline and not off to the side as this will create gaps in own defence. Also, look to change the tempo and look to break the rhythm and timing of opponent by hitting on half beats.

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