Friday 28 May 2010

Class notes: fight posture

Punching and footwork warm up: Good old fashioned getting the body ready for the main class. IN the footwork we were looking at moving rapidly and crisply on the count

PFP (pre fight posture) touch response: Initially we looked at it from going forward and backwards from the defensive chest push. If going backwards use it as a rebound effect to move you back and off line, away from the right hand as this is usually the one to get thrown first. First round of practise was getting the fist to land softly on the chin, arm bent. This to make sure that if the shot was fully completed it would be hitting the correct target with the correct depth in the head. We then moved onto putting the punch beside the head but elbow deep.

Rolling flinch response to the right cross: (this is part of the grade 6 syllabus but he is looking to insert a simplified version for grade 1) Martin likened this motion to rebound, as soon as you go back the body is using the motion to load for an attack. He said it is a 3D motion as spin to roll the punch as you lean away in prep for the loading of the hit. Essential detail is to tuck the chin into the shoulder tightly. This keeps the structure compact and able to absorb hits better than if the chin is disconnected from the shoulder. On the rebound engage the right elbow and drive into his chin.

3 drill: Inside gate lap sau: Slowly looking and feeling where we can use it in the 3 drill. This then turned into 2 hands to 1 elbow control (gwai sau) half and full. This was initiated after the chop as we are on the inside. They block the punch (inside lap and punch form chop), take the wrist to the hand, rev the holding wrist and make sure the move backwards under the pressure of the gwai sau. Half relates to arm control, full relates to full arm control with own elbow almost in and on their centre. If he block the hits from gwai sau the simply reverse chop and punch.

Pad training circuit training. 7 station, 2 minute rounds with 60 seconds rest in between. Held first then had my fun and games. Today my forearms are still tired and my right hand has a slight shake to it. I have not been this sweaty since grappling. Thankfully my hands stayed free of cuts and abrasions.

Round 1: 1(LVP) – 6 (RDP) – 3 (LHHP) – 2 (RVP)
Round 2: 1 – 2 – 1 – 14 (LHE)
Round 3: can’t remember...
Round 4: 1 – 1 - 2
Round 5: ?(LBF) – 2 – ?(RBF) - 1
Round 6: 1 – 2 - ?(LLHP) small step to the left to enable whole hip use. – 3 - 2
Round 7: 1 – 2 – SLIP – 2

Of course all above rounds can be used as shadow boxing too.

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