Wednesday 25 June 2014

Class notes: be calm in the chaos

3 drill
chin down on the chop
alter the change to be a lap and right cross and roll with it
grab the punch to get wrist control, elbow down as you cross his wrists to break his grip, then strike. can also turn into a mini lap (2 hands to 1)
turn the hips and throw the right hand

attacking with the attacks from the 3 drill - he leads with a jab, inside gate lap against his lead hand and chop in - lap and backfist, lap and right cross

grip breaks revision - grab the grabber

inside gate pak sau against the lead hand in guard or jab. it must be out of range because you are then protected against the right hand. if you muck up you just have the hand and you are out of range. Then come in with a jab or chop

Boxing drills with the gloves on
jab, evade, jab, cross,
jab, cross, protective shell, cross

jab to the body
both sides jabbing to the head
all strikes v defending
striking vs grappling

Lack of application of pak sau and strike, inside gate inquisition

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